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The Social Quiz starts from $500. Cost is dependent number of guests and length of the event, as well as the amount of custom questions written.

We have an array of easy to learn party games that can be used as part of a large staff party. Prices start at $35/hour

Get your team mixing!

Group Size:



1-3 Hours

We can write and run a traditional pub quiz night, carefully researched on any theme you like.

But what we’d prefer to offer you is an more social, get up and move around night. We call it the Social Quiz. Question cards are spread around the space, and can be answered in any order. Some are visual puzzles, others general knowledge, and yet others require some intuition into your fellow guests.

At the end of the night, we mark the answers, announce the winners, hand out answers and then let you get on with the rest of the night. No long speeches, no self marking, plenty of time to enjoy the event.

We can also host freeform board game nights, bringing along games and teachers from the Interactivity Boardgame Cafe. Another great way to let people socialize, but provide a framework around it. All things that help introverts and extroverts mix more freely.

Additional Services:

We can help organize the venue, the games and tailor the games to meet what you need for your needs. We also work with caterers like the Salt and Pepper Fox to bring in bagged lunches or evening meals for smaller groups.


We can use tables at the Interactivity Board Game Cafe, we can come to your home or office. Or we can find the perfect venue in Victoria for your evening of board gaming fun.