Urban Adventures

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Prices start from $800, and depend on the length, details and number of team members.

All adventures are created and hosted by us on the day, so you can relax and enjoy the event itself.

We really enjoy building in some simple core team values into these events where possible, and help companies to give great value for their morale boosting event.

Get out of the office

Group Size:

6-50 adventurers


90 minutes to all day

An urban adventure takes your guests out and about into the city on a mission to discover something. We create an adventure of mystery and serendipity to surprise and delight.

Want to challenge your team of brainiac developers to a series of tough puzzles? Or a relaxing day out filled visiting spas, lunch and quiet parks? We can make supply that too.

Our hunts takes you to both new and familiar places across the city. Starting from central location, these lead your teams to variety of places, where they have to find new puzzles and items to lead them to a final destination. Solutions can require brain power and interacting with the environment. Or just intriguing interactions with other people on location.

We’ve created adventures for software teams and sweet 16’s. So we’re confident we can do it for you as well.

Additional Services:

We can work with you to find a great venue for the finale of the hunt, and drinks afterwards. We can help you organize catering there and snack stops en route if needed.

We can link in hunts with Victoria Harbour Ferries, the Pedaler Bike Tours and other local Victoria companies. And we’re not limited to the Capital Region either.


Victoria’s Inner Harbour, Oak Bay High Street, around the back roads of the Saanich Peninsula, Downtown Vancouver or across Canada by road.