Team Training & Development

Team Development by Enigmatic Events

We provide training and workshops to get your teams collaborating and communicating better. Teams need to have trust and engagement to work effectively, so we base all our training programs around the use of game play and creativity. This creates a strong shared experience with participatory learning; both of which help people to retain the concepts.

We have found that some teams have the best intentions to fully implement what they’ve learned, but the day-to-day business can stop teams from reflecting on the material. This is why we offer a follow up session after every workshop so teams can actively work on using the material, and engage with any questions that may have come up after a chance to consider the training on the front lines. Reflection is a key part of the Kolb Learning cycle, which we use to build all of our training sessions

Our Current Packages

Kolb cycle

We use the Kolb cycle training method (Doing – Reviewing – Learning – Planning) to enhance outcome.


Using games to allow people to experiment with concepts, to fail fast, reflect, repeat & learn.

Creative Thinking

Our training encourages creative thinking to help people get to the goal on their own. Show, don’t tell!

Subject matter we can deliver courses in include:

Shared Cultural Values

Shared Cultural Values in a team or company – what are your real shared values, and how can you express them as a team for your goals.

Creative Thinking 201

How to use the brain to have fun and solve problems.

The Lifecycle of the Team

How best build teams and help them perform, evolve and close down successfully.

Agile Refresher

Agile Development refresher training – using a relatively simple design project, teams have to use their agile methods and knowledge to build something in a short timeline, with evolving requirements and resources.

Agile Methods

Outside of software development – how to use these advanced processes to enable change and improvement of delivery in a wide variety of areas.

Custom Training

Contact me to discuss more. If you have particular needs, we can create a custom training event to work on them.