Enigmatic Events is run by Chris Rudram. Chris is an avid board gamer, creative thinker and experience designer. He likes to find new ways to inspire and entertain his friends, colleagues and customers. He’s run murder mysteries in Victoria and London for the last thirteen years; and run Enigmatic Events for the last three years.

He has managed and helped run events including fund-raisers, creative design jams, board gaming events, interactive training and collaborative meetings. Along the way, he’s also helped design two board games and written a bunch of original murder mysteries.

His fifteen years in the software industry has given him an eye for detail, the ability to look at problems from different points of view and a lot of experience in managing projects of all sizes. He has a Ph.D in software testing, and only occasionally insists on being called Doctor.


Murder Mystery parties for thirteen years, for groups from 6 to 150

Software Engineering Team Leader – over five years experience

Fringe Theatre Producer, Director and Stage Manager for three years

Organized and run Day of Boardgamers, a local small-scale convention – 12 times, over 6 years.

Chris Rudram