Our Philosophy

to have fun

Enigmatic Events loves games, mysteries and puzzles. We believe that solving problems while engaging with other people is great for entertainment, an ideal way to learn, and a fun way to develop interpersonal bonds. We learn best by playing, and we play best with others! The satisfaction of taking part in collective activities leaves shared memories for everyone involved and gives people a goal-oriented reason to collaborate.

to strengthen bonds

Working together to problem solve makes everything easier. Our philosophy at Enigmatic Events Collective is that creating connections between people allows us to communicate better! Whether you want to connect with your friends or co-workers, understanding the thought processes, needs, and values of your team can boost productivity and help relationships grow.

Chris Rudram

Chris Rudram founded Enigmatic Events  in 2015. He is a board gamer, a creative thinker, and experience designer. Inspiring friends, colleagues and clients with new,  interesting events is what drives Chris. He has run murder mysteries in Victoria and London for the last thirteen years! From there he started to write and build full-scale interactive experiences over the last three years. Along the way, he’s also helped design two board games, three improv shows, and a bunch of original murder mystery events.

His journey has lead him to better understanding of what drives people engage with the world. How they learn and adapt; how to use games to help people improve themselves and the world around them. He uses this knowledge to build experiences that take participants into new realities. This helps everyone return to their everyday with a better understanding of how take on the big (and small) problems of life.

Chris’s fifteen years in the software industry have given him an eye for detail. It has also given him an ability to look at problems from different points of view and a lot of experience in managing projects of all sizes. He has a Ph.D in software testing, and only occasionally insists on being called Doctor Chris Rudram.


  • Murder Mystery parties for thirteen years, for groups from 6 to 150
  • Fringe Theatre Producer, Director and Stage Manager for three years
  • Organized and run Day of Boardgamers, a local small-scale convention – 12 times, over 6 years.

Photo by: Noah Crowder Photography

Natasha Guerra

Natasha Guerra is a theatre artist, a Big Picture person, and a curator of fun. Onstage since the age of four, Natasha has personal experience working with the power of storytelling. An avid learner with an eye for the aesthetic, she has since taken on projects from fine art, to set decoration, to playing faux murderesses. After moving to Victoria for her degree, Natasha has set down roots in the community through her artistic practice. 

Armed, now, with a BFA (with double majors to the tune of Applied Theatre and Gender Studies), she wants to use her training to help people do two of the hardest things in life: have fun and learn. 

Enigmatic Events Collective is a perfect fit for Natasha because it allows her to utilize her academic toolkit and stretch her creative muscles. She has actively seen the power of play in action and looks forward to guiding growth through fun.


  • Applied Theatre BFA, 2019.
  • Actor and improviser in Victoria and Vancouver for 10 years, including the Fringe circuit.
  • Avid participant in local conventions, cosplayer, and RPG enthusiast.

Photo by: Noah Crowder Photography

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