Ultimate Blog Post

This is the ultimate showdown. After weeks of writing and scouring the web for fun activities, we are moving back to a “working” model. Though there shan’t be weekly updates with things to do, we will be sending out our monthly newsletter that always details events in town we are excited about.

Passing the Enigmatic Events 5 year anniversary without any bang to speak of is going to be a little lacklustre. We want to celebrate how our company has grown since its inception, but staying safe is our biggest priority. Monday May 25th, Chris and I will be sending each other congratulatory text messages instead of hosting a party. And that’s okay. We’ve come this far, and we have proven we can adapt! Whether we are hosting online trivia or consulting for future events, we are happy to be doing the work we love in the community we support.

Without further mushiness, here is this week’s collection. The last, but by no means the only. Keep searching, I promise there’s more!

May 22nd – Maritime Museum of BC has a treat for us tonight! Nautical themed trivia is on the docket at 7pm. Grab a crew and prove your salt; There’s even a chance to win PRIZES!

May 23rd – Locals at Impulse Theatre are moving shows online. Watch an evening of never before seen tidbits from artists around Victoria. Register here for your ticket to this virtual experience.

May 24th -Who? What? Where? When? Quiz yourself with JetPunk! Test your knowledge of everything from fish facts to time-space tidbits. You’re guaranteed to learn something.

May 25th – Still looking for that new hobby? Theatre Al Dente has you covered this week, with a stage writing workshop! Learn more about play writing and share ideas with others.

May 26th – Did you know the BC’s Knowledge Network has a whole catalogue online? You can visit unimaginable places and adventure all across the world! GlobeTrekker will show you some of the highlights, so you can feel the travel bug again.

May 27th – Meow are you doing today? If you need a moment of sweetness, check out the Kitten Cam! These tiny beans are sure to warm your heart, and if there’s no one about, you can rewind the stream up to 12 hours.

May 28th – Today at noon: an unexpected spectacle! SNAFU Society has a porch session by the lovely Sister Speak. This livestreamed concert promises to end with a DANCE PARTY!

Thank you for joining us through these weeks of entertainment. We look forward to seeing you at some point soon. If you’d like to continue receiving information about upcoming events, you can sign up for our newsletter here!

For your Entertainment

A Therapy Dog

As we move through phases of re-opening and re-entry, it is vital that we continue to care for ourselves and each other. Fun is still out there! Sometimes, we can feel trapped, anxious, even scared. Though it is uncertain what the future holds, there remain countless ways to connect. Take another breath, then take a browse through this weeks schedule of events!

May 15th – Missing the THEATRE? (Please read in over-dramatic tone) Well, The Canadian Play Thing hosts a show tonight at 7pm. Digby and Glass is a tale of an ambitious election campaign gone morally asunder!

May 16th – Fresh produce, local artisans, handmade crafts… The perfect way to spend a Saturday is at Moss Street Market. Remember your physical distancing skills, and support Victoria makers!

May 17th – Our lovely friends at Be Improv are hosting a whole HOUR of playtime today. Join the vibrant Brett for an afternoon of virtual games, guaranteed to elicit laughter!

May 18th – So many of us have new hobbies! Metchosin ArtPod is an island-based collective that hosts portrait painting each Monday! Hone your skills with any medium you like and have fun.

May 19th – Back at it again, the Royal BC Museum has a program this week on sustainability of food! Join museum curator of botany, Dr. Ken Marr, at noon for a discussion about the process of plant domestication.

May 20th – What’s this? Gamify your mental health? Kelli Dunlap has created a slew of games to help calm, contain, and confront mental health concerns. We highly recommend Ellie Beagle: Therapy Dog!

May 21st – This is the time of viral conspiracy theories and crazy ideas. Royal Roads
will host a webinar today on the logic of “pandemic era” theories, helping us explore the wildest parts of human imagination.

That’s all folks! Join us again next week for more entertaining events!

Just keep swimming…

Lone Woman Swimming

As whispers of a “new normal” circulate, it can be hard to remember why we are all at home in the first place. By staying isolated, all of us are helping reduce exposure to contact surfaces and to others, which can reduce risk for everyone! Physical distancing does not, however, need to mean you are socially disconnected. It is important to keep finding ways to build community, even as we adapt to differences in that shape.

May 8th – Show off those smarty pants! This afternoon, we host General Nerd-ledge Trivia with the CRAIC and KWENCH. With questions for everyone, this is a great chance to show up and show off!

May 9th – Intrepid Theatre‘s UNOFest continues this week, but they’ve also lined up some free treats for us! Join artists in solo storytelling with Monobrow tonight at 8:30 pm. Hear tales of all ilks and see who takes home the crown.

May 10th – It’s Mother’s Day (for North Americans at least), so take some time to appreciate your mum. Locals who care for some outdoor activity together can join a Treasure Hunt created by Road to Sooke Cafe and The Natural Connection. Start with a picnic and find a hidden chest!

Mat 11th – Got the Monday munchies? Check out this list of restaurants in Victoria that are open for delivery! We recommend The Bikery or Cold Comfort ice cream for treats.

May 12th – Our international friends at Puzzled Pint have moved their monthly event online. Join Chris for some nonsensical rhyming rattlers! The theme is Dr. Seuss, and there may or may not be bonus points for dressing up…

May 13th – Yippie-ki-yay! It’s Action Movie Trivia night with Sixty Watt Trivia! Punch your way to victory (with your brain not your fists).

May 14th – Lovely locals Discovery Coffee and KWENCH bring us a morning of learning and loving the beans. Education Manager Brittany Davies will give a workshop on brewing from home with a V60 pour over kit. Learn new sides of your favourite wake up beverage!

That’s all folks! Join us next week for more from home fun.

Missing you, month two..

A fountain pen writes the word love on paper

How do you make things okay when they’re totally different? Cancelling events, staying 6 feet from friends (if you’re lucky enough to see them), and working from home… It’s a lot to adapt to. We miss hosting and interacting with real people every day. Luckily, access to the world wide web means we can connect across the digital landscape.

We know its not the same as hugging friends or shaking hands at a networking event, but these online events are here if you need a Thing To Do(tm). Activities stacked together make up a full day, and days go by one by one. After some amount of those days, we’ll be able to see you again.

May 1st – Out of Hand Modern Market is hosting its first online market! With glassware, spices, jewellery, and more, there’s sure to be something to catch your fancy. Supporting local businesses is a great way to keep our Victoria community vibrant.

May 2nd – Herman’s Jazz Club is hosting an online tribute to the legendary Bob Dylan. Join Two Bobs and a Mule for an evening of classics, starting at 7:30 pm.

May 3rd – Time for introspection! Leukemia survivor Suleika Jaouad has started a project called The Isolation Journals as a way of connecting with the self. Each morning you will wake up to a new journaling prompt, encouraging access to some of those hard feelings.

May the 4th Be With You! Join UVic alum Charlie Ross for a spacial online showing of The One Man Star Wars Trilogy as a fundraiser for the UVic Relief Bursary. Don’t miss your chance (5:30 pm) to see this stellar performance.

May 5th – Love the sea? Maritime Museum of BC is launching online programs every second Tuesday! Join them this week at 2pm to have a conversation about ocean conservation. Register here!

May 6th – Chill out this hump day with some weird animals! The Monterey Bay Aquarium has a live feed of their jellyfish tank. These invertebrates are so cool and relaxing to watch.

May 7th – Discover literature and history from all over the world. World Digital Library has collected thousands of items from across the globe. Delve into a section of your interest from alphabets to zoology!

Be sure to join us at 4pm on May 8th for Trivia Night with the CRAIC by KWENCH! We’ll be hosting another interactive event with questions for everyone.

Too long, but still strong

Are you feeling as restless as we are? I know I’ve got itchy feet that can’t wait to be out in the world. I’ve got tingly arms that can’t wait to hug my friends. I’ve got a cooped up brain that is really HECKIN’ SICK of working from home. However, I know that what I am doing is important not just for me, but for so many people in my community.

So, while we are all together in this staying inside project, let’s at least keep entertained!

April 24th – Get your groove on! Many DJs are starting up online dance parties. On brand for some new material we’re working on is this 80s party. Stream and scream some lyrics at 8pm!

April 25th – Celebrating Earth Week (year 50 of celebrating our globe!) Earthfest Live brings us online webinars. This webseries provides tools for change, creative solutions for individuals and businesses, and stories from panelists with environmental concerns.

April 26th – Local art gallery Open Space has a weekly Sunday series! Online/On land is an exploration of different sites within Lekwungen & W̱SÁNEĆ territories and a way to get to know local indigenous artists and educators. This week join Beangka Elliott at 1pm.

April 27th – Who run the world? Women. As close as Beyonce was, we think it is vital to recognize the change makers in our community! Our Place Society has collected Admire: Portraits of Influential Women, featuring the faces and stories of some of the inspiring women of Victoria.

April 28th – Curious about what our city is doing in the wake of these “challenging times”? Mayor Lisa Helps and Chamber CEO Catherine Holt sit down and for fireside discussions on the current crisis, live.

April 29th – We know we’ve highlighted them before, but the Royal BC Museum has tons of activities to do at home! Today, you can join curators for mini-diorama making. Learn about your favourite tiny exhibits, and try your hand at painting and creating miniature wonders!

April 30th – You were waiting for it… Puzzles of the week are from Grande Prairie Library! They’ve created an online escape room to get you researching. Escape together, or take the challenge solo!

Let us know if you have any resources or events we’ve been missing or that you are looking forward to…

More, more, stay indoors

Here in BC, we’ve been cooped up, but keeping ourselves and others safe. Good for us! Considering there are so many things with which to keep busy, we could keep going with these lists for ages. If we keep being as responsible as we have been, though, hopefully we shouldn’t have to much longer.

With the continued recommendation still being stay home, we want to be here providing you with fun every step of the way.

April 17th – We got distracted from posting this blog with running trivia! We got to connect with KWENCH and run our General Nerd-ledge quiz. So much fun! We’ll let you know when you can join us next time!

April 18th – Who says disco isn’t coming back? This is the good kind of Saturday night fever, with dancing from your own living room! Boogie on down for a good time at 8pm with Kitchen Quarantine disco.

April 19th – Atomic Vaudville has gifted the Victoria arts scene with Sometimes When We Touch. Watch multiple artists across multitudes of sets (social distancing!) get creative, funny, emotional, and real.

April 20th – Self care is more than just bubble baths, right? It’s hard to know what it really looks like. Join local counselor Tia Larkin for an evening of learning about yourself and your emotional needs. Set up self care as a priority!

April 21st – Puzzles galore! Downloads from Enigma Emporium will have you busy for days. Enjoy the hours of entertainment and head scratching these genius’s bring.

April 22nd – Themed days at the Royal BC Museum are here. You can walk about this afternoon with museum staff and learn more about the plants in the museum gardens.

April 23rd – Businesses are adapting in all sorts of ways right now! Everyone is in the same scary boat. With Digital F*ckUp Nights, you can listen to others’ stories about their business ventures and failures. Webinar at 7pm!

We hope you get a kick out of these activities, we’ll see you next week!

One Month, One More

We’ve got new hobbies, new anxieties, and new pet peeves. Who knew that slurping cereal could grind your teeth the way nails on a chalkboard do, huh? We’re all doing incredibly well, in spite of the isolation these past few weeks have brought. Currently, keeping busy is helping us stay in a routine. There are so many activities to explore, so many things to learn, and so many ways to connect!

Whether you are looking for a new way to connect with office colleagues or for evening entertainment, our community has gifted us with an abundance of choices! And, until further notice, we will do our best to bring you FREE things to do, daily!

April 10th — It’s “bunny weekend” as the kids are calling it, so why not try making something sweet? Binging with Babish is one of our favourite cooking shows. So easy to watch, and he creates simple recipes that are easy to follow. Maybe start with learning how to make pie!

April 11th — A little bit of sexy for your long weekend? The Geekenders Burlesque troupe is hosting their show Talk Nerdy to Me online! See favourite fandoms in a whole new light, and celebrate ~every~ piece of nerds! 8pm

April 12th — Herman’s Jazz Club has moved their programmes onto the web. Ashley Wey, Maria Manna, and Louis Rudner are taking the reins this weekend to serenade our afternoons with jazz and gospel. Make your way over at 3 pm and, if you can, make a donation!

April 13th — Pacific Opera has a weekly Monday program at 1pm. Acoustic Afternoons is a way to appreciate art and support artists from your living room! Kick back, relax, and enjoy curated sets by talented locals.

April 14th — Need a little magic for your Tuesday evening? Puzzled Pint, Magic Edition, has moved online, and this week’s secret location is your own house. It couldn’t be easier, just pour yourself a pint!

April 15th — Hump day can be a lot. It’s important to remain grounded! At 7 pm, this Mindfulness and Self-Compassion class, taught by local therapists, is sure to help get you breathing again.

April 16th — It’s vital right now that we recognize those who are caring for our community. You’ve probably heard it, but at 7 pm every night, there is a cheer for healthcare workers! Come out and join “the Big Loud” and celebrate some of the good in the world.

Also! We are excited to be co-hosting an evening with the CRAIC at KWENCH! Friday April 17th at 4 pm, you can find us here!

Home Bound Hi-jinx

We know it’s getting old. Staying at home and being isolated from community is hard on both mental and physical health. The feelings of confusion, anxiety, sadness, and anger are complex and completely valid. Right now, the best we can do is keep going and keep doing our best!

April is here, so we’ve brought showers of fun for your week ahead! Doing things and connecting with friends online has been helping us stay motivated. We hope these activities can help you feel the same way.

April 3rd – Clue Keeper is an interactive online puzzle hunt host. This site lets you play, view, and create activities to be enjoyed anywhere in the world! Put on your thinking cap for this one…

April 4th – Saturday night’s alright for fighting, and for a drawing party! With Drawasaurus you can create a party room for you and your friends to play a guessing game. With no need for real artistic talent, it’s a hilarious way to connect and play!

April 5th – Sunday is a great day to visit a museum. But, it’s closed? It’s across the globe? No worries! Google Arts & Culture has an entire database of online museums! From MoMA in New York to the Uffizi in Florence, visit from your very own living room.

April 6th – We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, stories are how we learn best. Luckily, Audible Stories has come out with countless free titles for our entertainment. There are things for the littles too!

April 7th – Take a moment to assess your feelings today. Taking care of mental well-being is just as vital as eating a meal. Anxiety Canada has compiled lots of great resources on addressing your brain’s needs during stressful times. Take a break and a breath.

April 8th – Documentaries are fantastic ways to engage with the world. The Amsterdam Film Festival has much of their database online for free! With submissions from across the globe, there is something for everyone. We recommend starting with Askoo, a tale of a shepherd and his dromedary.

April 9th – Animal house doesn’t have to be your favourite book for this activity. Australia Zoos have put up live-streaming cameras in their animal enclosures, so we can still enjoy the cuteness from afar!

Have a safe and healthy week, friends!

As a special pre-planning announcement, we’ve been invited to host trivia next Friday April 17th at 4pm on CRAIC with KWENCH! Join us for some general nerd-ledge!

Week two, but there’s more to do!

Being house-bound continues, but so do the wonderful things for us to be involved with. Talented artists, local community members, and hundreds of people across the globe are at home. Against it all, though, we are finding ways to connect to one another!

One of the strongest convictions we have at Enigmatic Events Collective is that things are better together! These weekly lists are a way for us to connect to you, to our community, and to the rest of the world. During times when it seems like we are alone, it is vital to feel a sense of inclusion! While you might not be joining a sport, watching, learning, dancing, and creating with others can help you feel closer (instead of socially distant!)

With this in mind, please enjoy this week’s list of things to enjoy from home!

March 27th- Have you been keeping creative while cooped up? Mo Willems, author and illustrator of popular childrens’ books such as Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus and Knuffle Bunny, has started a lunchtime doodle channel! Join Mo weekly as he teaches simple tactics for daily doodles.

March 28th- There is something about the magic of being read a story. Well, now you can join the Enchanted Fables princesses this weekend for live storybook readings and activities! Saturday at 1 pm visit with the fairest princess and Sunday at 1 pm, don’t forget your glass slippers. Stay updated with their page to keep up on future events!

March 29th- Social isolation has some of our creativity pretty stumped. The Belfry Theatre in Victoria is offering a collection of COVIDeos with answers to the question “how do we create theatre together in a time of physical distancing and self-isolation, and what form can that theatre take?” Join at 7pm tonight and stay for the talk-back at 8:15pm.

March 30th- We won’t stop telling you how great roleplaying is, but we know some of you would rather listen to your RPGs. Podcasts are popping up from all over! Some of our favourites are the local NerdsEtc, the musically talented BomBARDed, and the ever present Critical Role.

March 31st- Love Harry Potter? Like puzzles? Need some escapism? This Hogwarts-themed online escape room is designed by a Youth Services Librarian at Peters Township Public Library in McMurray, PA! Enjoy the wizardry of the great internet.

April 1st- Ivy League schools are incredibly prestigious, and now you can attend one from home! Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Penn, Princeton, and Yale are all offering online options for FREE!

April 2nd- Become a literary legend. These abridged versions of popular books are sure to make you laugh, and maybe even learn something new.

If you have suggestions on what should come next, let us know!