Play Better. Work Better.

At Enigmatic Events Collective, we are passionate about how our interactions change our everyday productivity. This blog explores fun games, activities, and connective opportunities for those searching for ways to create relationships. Here we survey new possibilities and the outcomes that are produced from relationship building exercises. Whether we are evaluating a new game or examining a piece of theatre, we strive to highlight work that has a positive impact on connections and communication.

Ultimate Blog Post

This is the ultimate showdown. After weeks of writing and scouring the web for fun activities, we are moving back to a “working” model. Though there shan’t be weekly updates
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Recent Posts

A Therapy Dog

For your Entertainment

As we move through phases of re-opening and re-entry, it is vital that we continue to care for ourselves and each other. Fun is still out there! Sometimes, we can
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Lone Woman Swimming

Just keep swimming…

As whispers of a “new normal” circulate, it can be hard to remember why we are all at home in the first place. By staying isolated, all of us are
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A fountain pen writes the word love on paper

Missing you, month two..

How do you make things okay when they’re totally different? Cancelling events, staying 6 feet from friends (if you’re lucky enough to see them), and working from home… It’s a
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Too long, but still strong

Are you feeling as restless as we are? I know I’ve got itchy feet that can’t wait to be out in the world. I’ve got tingly arms that can’t wait
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More, more, stay indoors

Here in BC, we’ve been cooped up, but keeping ourselves and others safe. Good for us! Considering there are so many things with which to keep busy, we could keep
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One Month, One More

We’ve got new hobbies, new anxieties, and new pet peeves. Who knew that slurping cereal could grind your teeth the way nails on a chalkboard do, huh? We’re all doing
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