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At Enigmatic Events Collective, we are passionate about how our interactions change our everyday productivity. This blog explores fun games, activities, and connective opportunities for those searching for ways to create relationships. Here we survey new possibilities and the outcomes that are produced from relationship building exercises. Whether we are evaluating a new game or examining a piece of theatre, we strive to highlight work that has a positive impact on connections and communication.

Home Bound Hi-jinx

We know it’s getting old. Staying at home and being isolated from community is hard on both mental and physical health. The feelings of confusion, anxiety, sadness, and anger are
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Custom Built Puzzles for Augmented Reality Games

Custom-built Enigmas

Custom Built Puzzles and Enigmas In 2019, we teamed up with Ryan Creighton of “Nights Around a Table” to write a series of custom puzzles for Niantic. Niantic’s game Ingress is an
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Week two, but there’s more to do!

Being house-bound continues, but so do the wonderful things for us to be involved with. Talented artists, local community members, and hundreds of people across the globe are at home.
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Isola-fun! Entertain Your Socially Distant Brain

With so many folks at home right now, it can be hard to stay engaged. Things can get pretty boring! Enigmatic Events Collective commits to bringing you enjoyable activities during
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A metal telescope for our visions

Visions of the Future

Company Visions of the Future When I started Enigmatic Events, I had a vision. I wanted to take my experience of running murder mysteries into something more. I thought there
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Murder Mystery Nights produced by Enigmatic Events

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Some of the contents of the Mind Card Game

The Mind – Games for Team Building

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