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Events We Offer

Spectacle! Murder Mystery
Spectacle! is a murder mystery for large teams or corporate events. We bring the suspects, you take on the investigation while we make sure everyone has a great time!
You Act! Murder Mystery
You act the murder mystery. Ideal for small teams to dress up and solve the case!
We Act! Murder Mystery
We act! An ideal team building murder mystery. Sift the evidence and interview expert witnesses to catch the guilty.
Scavenger Hunts
Scavenger Hunts let your teams get up, out and thinking and finding. Challenge them to find things and create interesting pictures which can be reviewed and shared with the whole team.
Hosted Quiz Nights
A traditional quiz night: written, researched, and run to engage all your guests. Mini-games get everyone involved, questions get everyone thinking. Set to whatever theme you could think of, we are ready to puzzle you and your guests!
Culture and Values Training
Get your teams thinking about the culture and values present in the workplace. Through game play and discussion we explore the goals, principles, and actions of your team, so you can display your company culture proudly.

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We Specialize in Interactive Events

We create and produce interactive events in Victoria and across Vancouver Island. Our events are designed to get people talking and thinking. We like to call them ‘social experiments’ – we want to get your guests creating connections to each other, and to the wider world. All of our events are built with a sense of fun and adventure. Furthermore, For every event we produce, we use a solid basis of game-like techniques we’ve built up over the last five years.

Upcoming Events

Public Events

We run events in Victoria and around Vancouver Island. You can catch up with our current events by following us on social media, signing up for our newsletter, or regularly visiting this page. We strive to make our events as accessible as possible.

With any particular queries, or if you want to see us in a place near you, please reach out to us via email!


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