Scavenger Hunts

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Prices start from $750 for our customized scavenger hunts in Victoria, BC. Price is dependent on the number of participants and length of the event. It’s built and hosted for specifically for you. We don’t use tricky apps and leave you alone. We are hands-on and on location to make sure everyone stays engaged.

Hunt and get creative

Group Size:

20-200+ Scavengers


1-3 Hours

Our scavenger hunts let your teams get up, out and about. Challenge them to find things and create interesting pictures. We mix up both creative and thought provoking things to do, so the whole team gets involved.

After the hunt itself, we provide a way for teams to share their experiences, which will again build trust for your teams through a shared experience. A good trust networks are vital through times of stress.

We will also build the challenges to incorporate your company values. This allows teams to express your culture through a playful medium, and engage directly with what the words really mean to them and their colleagues.

Additional Services:

We can help organize a final venue for your team to meet up and compare the results in. And maybe have a drink and snack as well to recharge with.

We can also help facilitate a review of the game, and look at how teams rose to the challenge, and gather lessons from their expression of your company culture and values.


Victoria, Sooke, Nanaimo, Vancouver, Canada or the World