As we move through phases of re-opening and re-entry, it is vital that we continue to care for ourselves and each other. Fun is still out there! Sometimes, we can feel trapped, anxious, even scared. Though it is uncertain what the future holds, there remain countless ways to connect. Take another breath, then take a browse through this weeks schedule of events!

May 15th – Missing the THEATRE? (Please read in over-dramatic tone) Well, The Canadian Play Thing hosts a show tonight at 7pm. Digby and Glass is a tale of an ambitious election campaign gone morally asunder!

May 16th – Fresh produce, local artisans, handmade crafts… The perfect way to spend a Saturday is at Moss Street Market. Remember your physical distancing skills, and support Victoria makers!

May 17th – Our lovely friends at Be Improv are hosting a whole HOUR of playtime today. Join the vibrant Brett for an afternoon of virtual games, guaranteed to elicit laughter!

May 18th – So many of us have new hobbies! Metchosin ArtPod is an island-based collective that hosts portrait painting each Monday! Hone your skills with any medium you like and have fun.

May 19th – Back at it again, the Royal BC Museum has a program this week on sustainability of food! Join museum curator of botany, Dr. Ken Marr, at noon for a discussion about the process of plant domestication.

May 20th – What’s this? Gamify your mental health? Kelli Dunlap has created a slew of games to help calm, contain, and confront mental health concerns. We highly recommend Ellie Beagle: Therapy Dog!

May 21st – This is the time of viral conspiracy theories and crazy ideas. Royal Roads
will host a webinar today on the logic of “pandemic era” theories, helping us explore the wildest parts of human imagination.

That’s all folks! Join us again next week for more entertaining events!

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