We know it’s getting old. Staying at home and being isolated from community is hard on both mental and physical health. The feelings of confusion, anxiety, sadness, and anger are complex and completely valid. Right now, the best we can do is keep going and keep doing our best!

April is here, so we’ve brought showers of fun for your week ahead! Doing things and connecting with friends online has been helping us stay motivated. We hope these activities can help you feel the same way.

April 3rd – Clue Keeper is an interactive online puzzle hunt host. This site lets you play, view, and create activities to be enjoyed anywhere in the world! Put on your thinking cap for this one…

April 4th – Saturday night’s alright for fighting, and for a drawing party! With Drawasaurus you can create a party room for you and your friends to play a guessing game. With no need for real artistic talent, it’s a hilarious way to connect and play!

April 5th – Sunday is a great day to visit a museum. But, it’s closed? It’s across the globe? No worries! Google Arts & Culture has an entire database of online museums! From MoMA in New York to the Uffizi in Florence, visit from your very own living room.

April 6th – We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, stories are how we learn best. Luckily, Audible Stories has come out with countless free titles for our entertainment. There are things for the littles too!

April 7th – Take a moment to assess your feelings today. Taking care of mental well-being is just as vital as eating a meal. Anxiety Canada has compiled lots of great resources on addressing your brain’s needs during stressful times. Take a break and a breath.

April 8th – Documentaries are fantastic ways to engage with the world. The Amsterdam Film Festival has much of their database online for free! With submissions from across the globe, there is something for everyone. We recommend starting with Askoo, a tale of a shepherd and his dromedary.

April 9th – Animal house doesn’t have to be your favourite book for this activity. Australia Zoos have put up live-streaming cameras in their animal enclosures, so we can still enjoy the cuteness from afar!

Have a safe and healthy week, friends!

As a special pre-planning announcement, we’ve been invited to host trivia next Friday April 17th at 4pm on CRAIC with KWENCH! Join us for some general nerd-ledge!

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