As whispers of a “new normal” circulate, it can be hard to remember why we are all at home in the first place. By staying isolated, all of us are helping reduce exposure to contact surfaces and to others, which can reduce risk for everyone! Physical distancing does not, however, need to mean you are socially disconnected. It is important to keep finding ways to build community, even as we adapt to differences in that shape.

May 8th – Show off those smarty pants! This afternoon, we host General Nerd-ledge Trivia with the CRAIC and KWENCH. With questions for everyone, this is a great chance to show up and show off!

May 9th – Intrepid Theatre‘s UNOFest continues this week, but they’ve also lined up some free treats for us! Join artists in solo storytelling with Monobrow tonight at 8:30 pm. Hear tales of all ilks and see who takes home the crown.

May 10th – It’s Mother’s Day (for North Americans at least), so take some time to appreciate your mum. Locals who care for some outdoor activity together can join a Treasure Hunt created by Road to Sooke Cafe and The Natural Connection. Start with a picnic and find a hidden chest!

Mat 11th – Got the Monday munchies? Check out this list of restaurants in Victoria that are open for delivery! We recommend The Bikery or Cold Comfort ice cream for treats.

May 12th – Our international friends at Puzzled Pint have moved their monthly event online. Join Chris for some nonsensical rhyming rattlers! The theme is Dr. Seuss, and there may or may not be bonus points for dressing up…

May 13th – Yippie-ki-yay! It’s Action Movie Trivia night with Sixty Watt Trivia! Punch your way to victory (with your brain not your fists).

May 14th – Lovely locals Discovery Coffee and KWENCH bring us a morning of learning and loving the beans. Education Manager Brittany Davies will give a workshop on brewing from home with a V60 pour over kit. Learn new sides of your favourite wake up beverage!

That’s all folks! Join us next week for more from home fun.

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