Here in BC, we’ve been cooped up, but keeping ourselves and others safe. Good for us! Considering there are so many things with which to keep busy, we could keep going with these lists for ages. If we keep being as responsible as we have been, though, hopefully we shouldn’t have to much longer.

With the continued recommendation still being stay home, we want to be here providing you with fun every step of the way.

April 17th – We got distracted from posting this blog with running trivia! We got to connect with KWENCH and run our General Nerd-ledge quiz. So much fun! We’ll let you know when you can join us next time!

April 18th – Who says disco isn’t coming back? This is the good kind of Saturday night fever, with dancing from your own living room! Boogie on down for a good time at 8pm with Kitchen Quarantine disco.

April 19th – Atomic Vaudville has gifted the Victoria arts scene with Sometimes When We Touch. Watch multiple artists across multitudes of sets (social distancing!) get creative, funny, emotional, and real.

April 20th – Self care is more than just bubble baths, right? It’s hard to know what it really looks like. Join local counselor Tia Larkin for an evening of learning about yourself and your emotional needs. Set up self care as a priority!

April 21st – Puzzles galore! Downloads from Enigma Emporium will have you busy for days. Enjoy the hours of entertainment and head scratching these genius’s bring.

April 22nd – Themed days at the Royal BC Museum are here. You can walk about this afternoon with museum staff and learn more about the plants in the museum gardens.

April 23rd – Businesses are adapting in all sorts of ways right now! Everyone is in the same scary boat. With Digital F*ckUp Nights, you can listen to others’ stories about their business ventures and failures. Webinar at 7pm!

We hope you get a kick out of these activities, we’ll see you next week!

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