We’ve got new hobbies, new anxieties, and new pet peeves. Who knew that slurping cereal could grind your teeth the way nails on a chalkboard do, huh? We’re all doing incredibly well, in spite of the isolation these past few weeks have brought. Currently, keeping busy is helping us stay in a routine. There are so many activities to explore, so many things to learn, and so many ways to connect!

Whether you are looking for a new way to connect with office colleagues or for evening entertainment, our community has gifted us with an abundance of choices! And, until further notice, we will do our best to bring you FREE things to do, daily!

April 10th — It’s “bunny weekend” as the kids are calling it, so why not try making something sweet? Binging with Babish is one of our favourite cooking shows. So easy to watch, and he creates simple recipes that are easy to follow. Maybe start with learning how to make pie!

April 11th — A little bit of sexy for your long weekend? The Geekenders Burlesque troupe is hosting their show Talk Nerdy to Me online! See favourite fandoms in a whole new light, and celebrate ~every~ piece of nerds! 8pm

April 12th — Herman’s Jazz Club has moved their programmes onto the web. Ashley Wey, Maria Manna, and Louis Rudner are taking the reins this weekend to serenade our afternoons with jazz and gospel. Make your way over at 3 pm and, if you can, make a donation!

April 13th — Pacific Opera has a weekly Monday program at 1pm. Acoustic Afternoons is a way to appreciate art and support artists from your living room! Kick back, relax, and enjoy curated sets by talented locals.

April 14th — Need a little magic for your Tuesday evening? Puzzled Pint, Magic Edition, has moved online, and this week’s secret location is your own house. It couldn’t be easier, just pour yourself a pint!

April 15th — Hump day can be a lot. It’s important to remain grounded! At 7 pm, this Mindfulness and Self-Compassion class, taught by local therapists, is sure to help get you breathing again.

April 16th — It’s vital right now that we recognize those who are caring for our community. You’ve probably heard it, but at 7 pm every night, there is a cheer for healthcare workers! Come out and join “the Big Loud” and celebrate some of the good in the world.

Also! We are excited to be co-hosting an evening with the CRAIC at KWENCH! Friday April 17th at 4 pm, you can find us here!

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