This is the ultimate showdown. After weeks of writing and scouring the web for fun activities, we are moving back to a “working” model. Though there shan’t be weekly updates with things to do, we will be sending out our monthly newsletter that always details events in town we are excited about.

Passing the Enigmatic Events 5 year anniversary without any bang to speak of is going to be a little lacklustre. We want to celebrate how our company has grown since its inception, but staying safe is our biggest priority. Monday May 25th, Chris and I will be sending each other congratulatory text messages instead of hosting a party. And that’s okay. We’ve come this far, and we have proven we can adapt! Whether we are hosting online trivia or consulting for future events, we are happy to be doing the work we love in the community we support.

Without further mushiness, here is this week’s collection. The last, but by no means the only. Keep searching, I promise there’s more!

May 22nd – Maritime Museum of BC has a treat for us tonight! Nautical themed trivia is on the docket at 7pm. Grab a crew and prove your salt; There’s even a chance to win PRIZES!

May 23rd – Locals at Impulse Theatre are moving shows online. Watch an evening of never before seen tidbits from artists around Victoria. Register here for your ticket to this virtual experience.

May 24th -Who? What? Where? When? Quiz yourself with JetPunk! Test your knowledge of everything from fish facts to time-space tidbits. You’re guaranteed to learn something.

May 25th – Still looking for that new hobby? Theatre Al Dente has you covered this week, with a stage writing workshop! Learn more about play writing and share ideas with others.

May 26th – Did you know the BC’s Knowledge Network has a whole catalogue online? You can visit unimaginable places and adventure all across the world! GlobeTrekker will show you some of the highlights, so you can feel the travel bug again.

May 27th – Meow are you doing today? If you need a moment of sweetness, check out the Kitten Cam! These tiny beans are sure to warm your heart, and if there’s no one about, you can rewind the stream up to 12 hours.

May 28th – Today at noon: an unexpected spectacle! SNAFU Society has a porch session by the lovely Sister Speak. This livestreamed concert promises to end with a DANCE PARTY!

Thank you for joining us through these weeks of entertainment. We look forward to seeing you at some point soon. If you’d like to continue receiving information about upcoming events, you can sign up for our newsletter here!

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