Murder Mystery Nights

Murder Mystery Night - The Speakeasy Murder

A murder mystery gets everyone talking and interacting. With intriguing plots, puzzles, and characters to play, you and your guests can solve a crime, or maybe get away with murder…

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Urban Adventures

Group of people joining hands

A treasure hunt that takes you to both new and familiar places across the city of Victoria. Or beyond. Starting from a central location, leading you to a variety of places, using puzzles and items to your final destination.

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Creative process training with Design Jams

Creative Process training via a Design Jam

Our Design Jam helps teams learn by doing. Using a creative process method we’ve tested and evolved over the years, we’ll show you new ways of working together. Whether taking on a new marketing campaign, a difficult UI or a game to engage customers, our jams can help.

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Murder Mystery Night with Actors

With a talented cast of actors and a well-crafted plot, these mysteries get your guests interacting and enjoying being part of a bigger story. We provide the suspects and you investigate the mystery!

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Large Group Murder Mystery

A unique dinner after a unique party

Our large group murder mysteries are built for all types of guests. From those who want to be fully immersed in the game to those who prefer to just observe and investigate. With plots and themes to please all kinds of groups and options to act or just play detective, any group can enjoy one of these enigmatic events.

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Hosted Quiz Nights

Your hosts for your quiz nights

A traditional quiz night: written, researched, and run to engage all your guests. Mini-games get everyone involved, questions get everyone thinking. Set to whatever theme you could think of, we are ready to puzzle you and your guests!

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Communication Styles Workshop

Diverse groups have differing communication styles and learning methods. Working in a team, it is vital to understand these differences and similarities; and how your team engages with one another. This workshop explores the DiSC communication model for a small group to form better, more productive team connections.

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Culture and Values Training

Get your teams thinking about the culture and values present in the workplace. Through game play and discussion we explore the goals, principles, and actions of your team, so you can display your company culture proudly. We engage with questions about sharing values, company display of culture, and group expressions of values. Teams get a chance to reflect on their shared workplace experiences.

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Puzzled Pint

The Puzzled Pint

The Puzzled Pint is a worldwide, monthly event where solvers take on a variety of tough problems, armed with paper, pencil, and a pint. Founded in Portland, the idea has spread, and we run the sessions here in Victoria.

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