Interactive Events

We Specialize in Interactive Events

We create and produce interactive events in Victoria and across Vancouver Island. Our events are designed to get people talking and thinking. We like to call them ‘social experiments’ – we want to get your guests creating connections to each other, and to the wider world. All of our events are built with a sense of fun and adventure. Furthermore, For every event we produce, we use a solid basis of game-like techniques we’ve built up over the last five years.

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Interactive Events

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Your own interactive event

Do you want to do something different? Something that encourages creative thinking? How about customer appreciation night with a twist? Or unveil a new product line while giving the guests a sense of discovery? Or perhaps a work social event with that challenges your team a little? Contact us. We can tailor an event to your desired outcomes. We will work with you to help you show how you’ve met your goals afterwards.


Prices start at $300 for a pre-packaged murder mystery for up to 20 people in your own home. More complex interactive events using custom materials start from $600.

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