Creative process training with Design Jams

Workshop Outline

Between six and twenty participants can attend this course over a half day, or four one-hour sessions, ideal for a hands on ‘lunch-and-learn’ series.

  • Outline of the Creative Process.
  • Idea creation.
  • Selection and planning of work.
  • Prototype creation.
  • Use, review and feedback.


  • Learn a new model of design work.
  • Build Trust within the team.
  • Encourage open communication.
  • Have a new direction for problem solving and brainstorming.

Creative Process Training

  • 6 - 20 People
  • Half Day

The creative process is often seen as part inspiration and part natural talent. However, there exist useful frameworks that help people work together on creative tasks. These frameworks remove some of the guesswork and chance and replacing them with strategy. Your team can learn to be creative and our Design Jam course helps them learn by doing.

The process we use has evolved over time and experimentation as a simple method to organize creative efforts. This creative process uses the Kolb Learning cycle and elements of the MG Taylor creative design model to help teams to get the most out of their experience, . Essentially, this gives groups the ability to review their work through cyclical analysis of their own creative productions. By encouraging them to consider all the steps, and surveying multiple times, we make sure your teams don’t get stuck going over just one element.

How we do it:

Our Design Jam package runs over four one-hour sessions, or one half-day intensive session. Firstly, we give an a quick outline of the process, then set teams a small design task relevant to your business. Then, teams get to work through the stages and, ultimately, share their results with the group.

Design tasks can be an outline for a marketing campaign, a new feature UI, or a group activity plan. Whatever suits you, we can do. We often run this design jam process for game design, because we can build engaging activities that help the players get to a useful, real world outcome.

A design jam produces results that can be used for long-term development. Thus, this course is more than just training people in a process, it can produce real results for the future. Additionally, the creative design model can be applied again and again for fast prototyping, idea creation or short design briefs. Long-term, large-scale projects will also benefit from using this creative design process, as a result. Your teams engage in new ways and end up with a tool they can re-use and build upon.

The University of Victoria Theatre Studies Program, board game developers, and local community groups have all benefited from a version of this course.

“I did find the session useful, it allowed me to work with others in collaboration “               – Attendee, Oaklands Community Association Design Jam.

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Creative process training with Design Jams
Creative process training with Design Jams
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