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Collaborative Efforts

We will provide the suspects, the clues and the evidence. You provide the willing investigators. We’ve held these events at hotels, museums and restaurants across Vancouver Island. We work in tandem with some of the best local talent who are trained to engage with the guests as we bring a story to life. Whether you are searching for a contract killer or interrogating a butler, you can be sure that bragging rights will be in order at the end of the night.

Productions are unique to your setting and requirements. Prices are dependent on the number of actors and the number of guests. Get in touch with us to design a party that suits you!

Murder Mystery Night with Actors

The full service murder mystery party!

A murder mystery party can take you into a new world. We let you try to solve a crime. Everyone gets to be part of the drama in these events, sleuthing down clues, questioning witnesses, and discovering secrets.

For large groups, using paid actors allows your guests to relax into the evening. It also adds a level of drama and comedy to the event. We work with great local talent who are natural improvisers, and able to adapt as the evening progresses.

Being part of the story gives your guests something to talk about for days and weeks afterwards. Everyone loves a good mystery, and we do reveal (almost) everything at the end, so no-one goes home too confused.


We’ve run a murder mystery party along with a casino night. There’s been a murder in a 1920’s mansion. For those who want mystery with no killings, we’ve even written a hunt for a lost driver’s licence at the Royal BC Museum. All of these use a talented cast with a fleshed out story line.

Our events can be fully customized, or you can choose one of the hand-crafted mysteries we’ve designed in-house. These events are adaptable to group size and spacial requirements.

Enigmatic Events provides the host, the actors and all the materials needed to play. Most importantly, we are there to make sure your guests have great time, giving them the chance to really engage with your event and each other.

Don’t need the actors? Look at our Large Group Murder Mystery packages.

Interested in a smaller affair? Look at our Group Murder Mystery nights.

Additional Services:

We can help organize the venue and catering for your event as necessary. Local caterers, like the Salt and Pepper Fox, can work with us to create a menu that fits your plans. We can also link up to provide bar services as needed.


We will come to you!

Here are some venues to think about – Venues to think about – Royal BC Museum, Craigdarroch Castle, the Penny Farthing in Oak Bay, the English Inn, a boat in Victoria Docks, outdoors at St Anne’s Academy…

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Collaborative Efforts
Murder Mystery Night with Actors
With a talented cast of actors and a well-crafted plot, these mysteries get your guests interacting and enjoying being part of a bigger story. We provide the suspects and you investigate the mystery!
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Large Group Murder Mystery
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