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A treasure map for our scavenger hunts

Urban Adventures are built for your team. All adventures are created and hosted by us on the day of your event in-person, so all you have to do is engage and enjoy!

We strive to build your core team values into each of these events. Activities we include help teams bond and better problem solve, together! By encouraging cooperation and group-based thinking, we promote the connections between teammates. We bring productivity improvements to your company as an added value to a morale boosting, fun and creative event.

Scavenger Hunts

An urban adventure takes your group out and about on a mission to discover something. Based on your specifications, we’ll create an Urban Adventure of mystery and serendipity with dashes of surprise and delight. It’s a like a scavenger hunt but with a twist!

Want to challenge your team of brainiac developers to a series of tough puzzles?

Create a relaxing day out filled with visiting beaches and parks?

Perhaps a jaunt through your town, culminating at a super secret location?

We make it happen!

How it works

Our hunts take you to both new and familiar places across your chosen base. Starting from a central location, our clues will guide teams to a variety of places, where they will have to find puzzles and items. Groups will cooperate, use teamwork, collect clues, and complete challenges together. Finishing each encounter gets you closer to the final destination. Solutions require everything from brain power to interacting with the environment to team-based interactions. Curious connections are bound to happen along the way!

We have created Urban Adventures for everything from software teams to sweet 16’s, so we’re confident we can fit your needs as well.


  • Downtown Victoria using the Harbour Ferries, 
  • Nanaimo and Newcastle Island
  • Vancouver’s Stanley Park, 

Or anywhere you can think of in Canada or the Rest of the World!

Additional Services

We can work with you to find a great venue for the finale of the hunt, complete with refreshments for your thirsty teams. We can also help you organize catering for your arrival, as well as snack stops en route.

In the past, we have linked our adventures with Victoria Harbour Ferries, the Pedaler Bike Tours, as well as other local BC companies. There is no limit to our unique style.

More Events

Spectacle! Murder Mystery
Spectacle! Murder Mystery
We act! An ideal team building murder mystery. Sift the evidence and interview expert witnesses to catch the guilty.
You Act! Murder Mystery
You act the murder mystery. Ideal for small teams to dress up and solve the case!
Chris and Natasha pose dressed in costume
We Act! Murder Mystery
We act! An ideal team building murder mystery. Sift the evidence and interview expert witnesses to catch the guilty.
A treasure map for our scavenger hunts
Scavenger Hunts
Scavenger hunts let your teams get up, out and thinking and finding. Challenge them to find things and create interesting pictures which can be reviewed and shared with the whole team.
Your hosts for your quiz nights
Hosted Quiz Nights
A traditional quiz night: written, researched, and run to engage all your guests. Mini-games get everyone involved, questions get everyone thinking. Set to whatever theme you could think of, we are ready to puzzle you and your guests!
Culture and Values Training
Culture and Values Training
Get your teams thinking about the culture and values present in the workplace. Through game play and discussion we explore the goals, principles, and actions of your team, so you can display your company culture proudly. We engage with questions about sharing values, company display of culture, and group expressions of values. Teams get a chance to reflect on their shared workplace experiences.