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Enigmatic Events loves games, mysteries and puzzles. We believe that solving problems while interacting with other people is great entertainment, a great way to learn and a great way to develop bonds with other people. We learn by playing. We can relax even while doing something mentally stimulating. The satisfaction of taking part in something leaves shared memories for all participants.
A wise man once told us that a day is never wasted if you did three things in it : improved yourself a little bit, improved the world a little bit and found some joy. Enigmatic Events uses this philosophy behind the ideas and events it develops and runs.


Do you want something different, which encourages creative thinking? A customer appreciation night, the unveiling of a new product line or a team social event with a twist. Contact us. We can tailor an event to your outcomes, and work with you to show how you’ve meet your goals too.

Hanabi Card Game Box
Hanabi – Games for Team Building

This discussion of the card game Hanabi is the one of a series of articles looks at different games that contain valuable lessons for business teams. Enigmatic Events believes that teams that play together, will grow together. Not every play experience has to be a big production. By introducing board games to the team, you […]

Values need to be hunted for, worked on and refined.
Scavenging for Values: How a scavenger hunt can help teambuilding

Business Values are important Every business has a set of values on how they make decisions. These can be implicit or explicit. Employees will experience these values in action by the how the business operates. The company shows there values in the products and services they provide. Values are not simple words on a mission […]

Shake Up Your Social Mixer
Shake it up: games to help social mixer events

A social mixer can be tricky to get going. This is true whether you are organizing a staff social for your company, a mixer event for a social organization or the end of year celebration for a charity. The natural tendency is for people to stay close and talk to the people they already know. […]


do you want something different, which encourages creative thinking? We can tailor an event to your outcomes, and work with you to show how you’ve meet your goals too.