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Mystery Night – self-acted

6-80 participants

A murder mystery party can take you into a new world, and let you try and solve a crime, or try to get away with it, or just avoid your own terrible secrets being found.

Mystery Night – with Actors

40-150 participants

With a talented cast and a well-crafted plot, these mysteries get your guests interacting and enjoying being part of a bigger story. Finding out secrets and sussing out lies is fulfilling… but not quite as much as solving the whole case.

Hosted Game and Quiz Nights


A new, interactive quiz format “The Social Quiz” designed to get everyone up and interacting, rather than sitting listening to a single quiz master. Or we can come and teach you board games that work with large and small groups.

Outdoor mystery hunts

6+ Solvers

A treasure hunt takes you to both new and familiar places across the city of Victoria. Or beyond. Starting from central location, these lead your teams to variety of places, where they have to find new puzzles and items to lead them to a final destination.



Enigmatic Events loves games, mysteries and puzzles. We believe that solving problems while interacting with other people is great entertainment, a great way to learn and a great way to develop bonds with other people. We learn by playing. We can relax even while doing something mentally stimulating. The satisfaction of taking part in something leaves shared memories for all participants.
A wise man once told us that a day is never wasted if you did three things in it : improved yourself a little bit, improved the world a little bit and found some joy. Enigmatic Events uses this philosophy behind the ideas and events it develops and runs.


Do you want something different, which encourages creative thinking? A customer appreciation night, the unveiling of a new product line or a team social event with a twist. Contact us. We can tailor an event to your outcomes, and work with you to show how you’ve meet your goals too.

Shake Up Your Social Mixer
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Outdoor staff party
Using an Event Empathy Map to Plan Your Staff Party
Staff retention is linked to staff recognition, and during the holiday season, the annual staff party is the cherry on top of the overall recognition plan. When planning a work social event, the main challenge is to create something that works for all the attendees. Creating memorable social occasions within a set budget is not [...]
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do you want something different, which encourages creative thinking? We can tailor an event to your outcomes, and work with you to show how you’ve meet your goals too.