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day of boardgamers

upto 80 attendees

day of boardgamers is a twice-a-year social gaming day, Bring games you like, and play them with new opponents!

The Puzzled Pint


The Puzzled Pint is a world wide, monthly event where solvers take on a variety of tough problems, armed with paper, pencil and a pint. Founded in Portland, the idea has spread, and we’re running the Victoria sessions.

Murder Mysteries

6-40 participants

A murder mystery party can take you into a new world, and let you try and solve a crime, or try to get away with it, or just avoid your own terrible secrets being found.

Bespoke Murder Mysteries

20+ Players

If you want a big event, with food, drink and an amazing space, we’ve got the experience for you. We’ve teamed up to create 50 player mystery nights with actors playing the suspects and a completely staged venue for your guests to explore.



Enigmatic Events loves games, mysteries and puzzles. We believe that solving problems while interacting with other people is great entertainment, a great way to learn and a great way to develop bonds with other people. We learn by playing. We can relax even while doing something mentally stimulating. The satisfaction of taking part in something leaves shared memories for all participants.
A wise man once told us that a day is never wasted if you did three things in it : improved yourself a little bit, improved the world a little bit and found some joy. Enigmatic Events uses this philosophy behind the ideas and events it develops and runs.


Do you want something different, which encourages creative thinking? A customer appreciation night, the unveiling of a new product line or a team social event with a twist. Contact us. We can tailor an event to your outcomes, and work with you to show how you’ve meet your goals too.

The One question
The One Question To Spot Disengagement Within Teams

Sometimes when working with a particular group, you feel that things aren’t that great. There’s some friction between your team members – work is not proceeding as smoothly as expected. There are criticisms that are directed externally. And there’s a growing frustration about the pointlessness of the task. You feel the team is suffering from […]

Unengaged Team Members
Finding Sisyphus – spotting unengaged team members

In the Greek mythology, Sisyphus was the King of Corinth who tried to escape the underworld by tricking Persephone. As a punishment for his trickery, he was forced to roll a large boulder uphill every day until exhaustion, only to see the rock roll back down just before it reached the peak. The once proud […]

The Dangers of Gamification: Allow the Bob's to explain...
The Three Dangers of Gamification

Gamification is dangerous for a team’s engagement levels. Creating a game which encompasses part or all of a persons day-to-day tasks would, at first, seem to be a great way to show progress by giving out micro-rewards for meeting various goals. Proponents claim it can also create healthy competition. For customers and users of your […]


do you want something different, which encourages creative thinking? We can tailor an event to your outcomes, and work with you to show how you’ve meet your goals too.