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Host a haunting Halloween party!

enigmatic events

Let us make you
an adventure

We tailor our events to your needs, guests, and theme. All events are made in collaboration with YOU to create one-of-a-kind experiences sure to engage your team! Whether the goal is encouraging team-based thinking, to host an interactive appreciation night, or to surprise a friend with a mysterious trip to the 1920s, we can help!


Mysteries, Trivia Nights, scavenger hunts, and beyond.


Team-building, innovative learning, creative thinking.

Chris and Natasha dressed up for an event

Group Events

Group Events

Murder Mystery Parties, Social Quizzes, Scavenger Hunts. If it involves games and puzzles, we’ll do it.

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Team Training

Team Training

Team Building and innovative learning. Transformative gameplay to achieve your desired outcomes.

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We can create a totally custom event tailored to your needs. Contact us to discuss!

fun + adventure. Look no further!

Interactive Events

We create and produce interactive events in the Victoria and Vancouver areas. Our events are designed to get people talking and thinking. We want your guests to create connections to each other and to the wider world. All our events are built with a sense of fun and adventure. Furthermore, for every event we produce we use a base of enjoyable and engaging techniques we’ve collected and perfected over our last five years of work.

Engage with colleagues in team-building exercises to promote collaboration and creative solutions.

Challenge your teams to a nerd off! Answer questions and play mini-games for the champion title.

Gallivant around town in teams to find clues and create bonds.

Take part in the story and help solve a crime by using your powers of deduction.

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endless possibilities

Enigmatic Events Collective is borne from a love of play, bonded with a drive to change how we communicate. Our goal is to nourish empathy using fun and creativity.

Curators, Chris Rudram and Natasha Guerra, met at a game night. They realized a shared love for gaming and theatre, as well as a desire to create more fruitful human interactions. Four years later, they have become incorporated! Their shared experiences in the arts and corporate realms make them a dynamic duo able to create events that meet the needs of their clients.

Don't just take our word for it...

Ame-Lia Tamburrini
CEO of HUM Consulting
"The.. experience ... was instrumental in charting a path forward for my business. With your creative approach I birthed a vision I didn't even know existed before. When I wake in the morning now, I know exactly what I'm working toward and that washes away all the barriers to taking action that I had before. As a result I've already booked 4 engagements doing exactly what I love to do."
Karen Elliott
Hansbraun Investments
"Our team's experience working with Enigmatic Events was so much fun... The Enigmatic crew was amazing and kept in character to the very end of our event. So well done. We will definitely be calling them again."
Mary Rogers
Mandy Barnes
Vice-President of Cameryn's Cause
"We really appreciate the thought and attention you put into this event."
Victoria, engaged!
Vigil Health Solutions
"The treasure hunt was a huge success! Everyone really enjoyed themselves and thank you for organizing it for us."
An office party with flair!
Jonathon Mason
“This was really great guys, Cai had an awesome time for her 30th birthday party. Big thanks to everyone who was a part of it, but especially to my good friend Chris Rudram for coordinating the event.”
Flapper in a BW
Kathleen Trayner
“Chris, you are a master host and have thoroughly enjoyed the two events I have been to. Would recommend them to everyone, what fun - and what a challenge!”